National Charity for Men Demands Inclusion of...

TORONTO, ONTARIO — The nation’s leading charity for the health and welfare of boys and men, the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), is demanding that the government, RCMP and the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) treat male aboriginal homicide victims with the same degree of severity and concern as female aboriginal victims. This past Fathers... More


Toronto Indie Arts Market Delight…. At Nigh...

On Thursday August 21st Indie Arts Market held their second Night Market of the summer at the Gladstone Hotel. I walked into the bustling room and was immediately taken by the smell. It was like I had wandered into the Garden of Eden. Heaaavvveenly. The source of the smell, or perhaps one of the sources... More

Kafka's Ape1

Kafka’s Ape Visits the Gladstone Hotel

This past week, Molly McCrea, one of our newest contributors, covered her first event for Swept: Kafka’s Ape. On Wednesday August 13th I had the opportunity to attend Kafka’s “Ape” at the historic and beautiful Gladstone Hotel as part of the Summerworks Festival currently in progress. I found myself curious about this production because as... More


Artwork With A Cause

Celebrate a Summer sendoff with HanVoice’s: Alla Prima, art show and live music. Swept’s own Annie Ly will be on the ground to cover the event. Enjoy wonderful music by HanVoice’s own James Pyo, Heejoo Yoon, and Hyona Park, as well as Tamar Friedman, Avelyn Waldman, and Jonathan Hollingsworth, whilst you bid on original artwork... More


Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More – ...

With all of the war, strife, and religious fervor rampant in the world today, there is a haven; a place of restoration and revitalization; a place of love and peace; a place without god: welcome to The Sunday Assembly. This “heathen” organization encompasses all of the best parts of church: the people, the lessons (in... More

Punch Up

Wanna Hear A Sad? ~ Tragic Comedy at Fringe

Last night, Theatre Brouhaha ran their third Fringe performance of ‘Punch Up’, an original piece by Kat Sandler with collaboration by actors Tim Walker, Caitlin Driscoll, and Colin Munch. ‘Punch Up’ is the hilarious story of the most pathetic guy in the world (Tim Walker) kidnapping the “funniest guy in the world” (Colin Munch), so... More

Help Yourself - Fringe 2012

“The lengths someone will go to get a l...

The day after his opening at the Fringe, I got a chance to talk to actor Tim Walker about his experience in Punch Up, and to hear some wonderfully wise words about our Canadian identity. SWEPT: So tell me about your character and, in your own words, a bit about the show. TIM: It’s funny because I... More

Karenin's Anna

“Karenin’s Anna: It’s Russi...

The tale of a young woman from Brooklyn, marrying a Russian immigrant for…him to get his green card. Not a storybook romance by any stretch, Karenin’s Anna, written by Michael Ross Albert, is a clever little drama with plenty of Cold War wit, language barrier buffoonery, and sentimental sweetness. Anna (Caitlin Robson), is a lonely... More