World Pride

Not All Rosy With World Pride

Pride Permit Revoked To “Men’s Issues” Group Canadian Association for Equality Politically charged “Israeli Apartheid” green lit but educational charity refused TORONTO, ONTARIO — (June 27, 2014) The registered educational charity the Canadian Association for Equality, which focuses on the health and well-being of boys and men, was notified mid week that their permit to... More

Proud in Paradise

Gearing up World Pride at the Gaystone Hotel

The rainbow stops at the Gaystone Hotel this year for World Pride. Last night saw a great turnout for Thick Life with Big Dipper. Though the crowd was slow to fill up the space, Kaleb Robertson certainly riled them up to get ready for a night of great entertainment. With sexy and sultry, and flashy... More


Equality Day Targeted, But Will Proceed Downt...

Equality Day Will Proceed This Sunday, June 1st at SW Corner of Yonge-Dundas Canadian Association for Equality Responds to Misinformation with Education TORONTO, ONTARIO — (May 30, 2014) Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) will proceed with the first annual Equality Day (E-Day) this Sunday, June 1st from 12PM to 7PM. Volunteers with CAFE will be... More


First Annual Equality Day!

First Annual Equality Day This Sunday, June 1 on Toronto Island Canadian Association for Equality Sponsored Event Celebrates Equal Parenting TORONTO, ONTARIO — (May 26, 2014) Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) will host the first annual Equality Day (E-Day) Island Music Festival this Sunday, June 1 from noon to 7PM at Gibralter Point – Artscape... More


Rising Star: Theatre Arcturus

New performing arts company, Theatre Arcturus, is a Toronto-based, multi-disciplinary group focused on exploring the body’s full capacity for storytelling through the vehicles of theatre, dance, aerial arts, and stage combat. Pushing the boundaries, not only of the body, but also of the expectations of audiences; sharing with onlookers a fresh perspective of just what... More


CNN Looking MOOSt Ridiculous.

CNN’s news correspondent, Jeanne Moos, whom I struggle to call a journalist, has pushed CNN to match the same degree of journalistic integrity as FOX News. With the pomposity of an intentionally racist and culturally insensitive ignoramus, Moos has thrown any pretense of being a serious journalist out the window. How, you may ask? Assuming... More

Dr. Kruk with Liam

In Whose Best Interest? (A Discussion on Shar...

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking to Associate Professor of Social Work at UBC, Dr. Edward Kruk about his involvement in the Equal Shared Parenting movement. A professor, a Psychology Today blogger, and a lover of dance music, the good doctor is more still: a pioneer, Kruk, along with 25 other scientists, family professionals,... More

Rapier and Cape

Daniel Levinson Gets to the Point of Rapier W...

“The more you know about the human body, how it moves, and how it can fail, the healthier you can be, but also you can create some rather interesting choices.” ~Daniel Levinson Down by King and Bathurst, at 575 Wellington, behind the big white garage door, there is a community of loving people who, in... More


Toronto DJ doing more than just spinning trac...

Prat Dalvi, a multitasking Toronto-based DJ and music producer, wakes up every day with the intention of further building his music career and the different businesses he is involved in. Dalvi is the chief managing officer of Ichie Apparel, a Toronto-based casual wear clothing line, a former junior operations representative with the Toronto Frosh Festival,... More

Eaton Centre

Who needs a pick-me-up? Swept interviews a To...

Toronto has begun to see an influx of what are referred to as PUAs, or pickup artists. A significant presence at both the University of Toronto campus as well as the Eaton Centre has people on edge and relatively confused about just what is going on. Reddit is exploding with talk of creeps, targeting women,... More


Canadian progressive Muslim organizations pro...

Hijab is acceptable but niqab isn’t Quebec’s values charter isn’t the only secular motion passed in recent times; eight progressive Canadian Muslim organizations launched a coalition in Parliament Hill to push separation of religion and politics. The Coalition of Progressive Canadian Muslim Organizations (CPCMO) is an umbrella for progressive Muslims across Canada with Canadian values... More


Q&A with Toronto’s Cree poet Greg ...

#1) Have you always been a resident of Toronto? I was born in Moose Factory, Ontario – in the northern region of the James Bay coastline. I grew up in Sudbury, Ontario. I have lived in Toronto off and on since 2000. But as a resident, I moved to the city in August 2007. And... More