A cartographic wet dream

Nathan Ng, a 15-year resident, and professed lover of Toronto, has given Torontonians and the whole world a fantastic perspective on the history of growth in Toronto. Thanks to Nathan’s ‘Historical Maps of Toronto’, history professors, researchers, students, and enthusiasts alike can now delve into the developing world of Toronto, circa 1787-1902. “It’s not like... More


Just a reminder – Swept is recruiting c...

This week the Swept team will be taking to the streets and spreading the word in the most traditional (though not the most eco-friendly) method, posters. Please take some time to spread the word about Swept and let your peers know we want their content. News, columns, photo-journals, mini-docs, creative photography, short-lit, poetry and more!... More


Every day is an atheist holiday: Swept looks ...

This past week, I delved into the surprisingly wide world of atheism here in Toronto. Not only did I meet with CFI (Centre for Inquiry) founder and spokesperson, Justin Trottier, but I also found myself at a CFI-hosted event with Penn Jillette: great American comedian, magician, and author, as well as atheist and skeptic. They... More


Hickeys: the love bite and its origin

Kailia, a 24-year-old student from Toronto, takes us back seven years to the summer after high school graduation, when she was first branded by the mark of passion. “I was 17 and my friends and I pretty much did anything crazy,” she says, “so we decided to meet up with a guy I met on... More

In motion

Subways can change a neighbourhood – No...

Shaughnessy Boulevard is a quiet suburban area nestled within the North York community a few blocks away from Sheppard Avenue East. It’s where my family and I lived for nine years after moving from Hungary. After those nine years, we moved to a small town two hours north from the city, right after the Sheppard-Yonge... More


Swept gets some recognition from Toronto auth...

J.W. Patten took some time this week to write some kind words about Swept. The author of Darker Than, wrote this on his website this week: “The world is a big place, something that is easily forgotten in today’s world of global technology. No longer does society have to wait for news reports to be... More


A sample from our first official magazine.

Our first official magazine is nearly complete and will be available Monday, Sept. 30. Here is another sample of poetry from our first issue.  ... More


Manifesto returns to Toronto

Toronto will celebrate the return of one of its most beloved and buzzed about urban community festivals starting Thursday Sept 19, with the introduction of new events into this year’s line-up. The Manifesto Festival of Community and Culture, now in its seventh year, has been known to promote and support urban culture and music by providing... More


Canadian Caribbean-themed web channel launche...

Caribbean Tales Group, a Canadian multimedia company, has officially announced the launch of its online Caribbean-themed channel, which is aiming to create space for more cultural representation and to educate young people on their cultural roots. Frances-Anne Solomon, founder and CEO of Caribbean Tales, said the main premise behind CaribbeanTales-TV, which will launch Sept. 12,... More


Toronto-based social networking application c...

Toronto-based social media company Piximash Inc., hosted the “release” of its social networking application on Aug. 21 at the trendy B1 Design Bar & Lounge on College Street in Toronto. Professionals and sponsors from various sectors gathered to see and learn more about the newest social networking app amidst the backdrop of a bar, media... More

Swept_Developers 199

Condo development causes issues for Ossington...

On June 9, a portion of Ossington Ave. was briefly shut down by suit-clad men, women, and children, sitting in the middle of the street in concentric circles, assuming a meditation pose. Cars and a city bus were stalled on the north and south side of Argyle St. at Ossington, while protesters on either side... More


New social media application calls Toronto ho...

A new Toronto-based social media company, Piximash Inc., is preparing to launch a brand new application this month aimed at bringing an emotional aspect to social networking. John Balaga, Piximash Inc. founder and CEO, said he and his team spent almost a year developing this new online social media application in hopes of giving consumers... More


Toronto’s Dwayne Morgan hosts spoken wo...

To commemorate a career milestone, Toronto poet Dwayne Morgan opened the doors for a select group of young and developing spoken word artists to shine on stage at his annual show Wednesday night at Lula Lounge on 1585 Dundas St. W. The veteran Toronto-area published writer, speaker and entrepreneur said he decided to reach out... More

Revolution 2.0

Egyptians protest in effort to oust Morsi

Millions of Egyptians are preparing for today’s highly anticipated protests in hopes of an early election and what some are hoping will be the order to remove Egypt’s first freely-elected ruler, Islamist president Mohammed Morsi, from political office. The movement dubbed as ‘Tamarod’ (Arabic for rebel) alleges to have collected more than 22 million signatures... More

ICFF poster

Italian Contemporary Film Festival hits Toron...

The Toronto TIFF Bell Lightbox theatre welcomed hundreds of guests, film aficionados, and community members Wednesday night for the official launch of the second annual 2013 Italian Contemporary Film Festival. The ICFF kicked off its first of 12 nights of film and festivities with the Italian box office hit “Benvenuto Presidente!” (“Welcome President!”), a comedy... More

Swept_Developers 107

Will corporate giant Walmart be Kensington Ma...

There was shouting, jeering, audible spitting, and a standing room only crowd. It wasn’t long before people were turned away at the door, as the College Street United Church had quickly reached capacity. What draws a crowd like this to a humdrum community development consultation? According to Councillor Adam Vaughan: nothing less than the potential... More


Toronto youth perform at STOMP showcase

Playing host to over 400 dancers and choreographers in the city, the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts was the scene of creative culture and community coming together for this year’s 2013 Stomp Urban Dance Competition and Showcase. The showcase, in conjunction with the Sony Centre and the City of Toronto, ran its first show... More


Youth STOMP showcase comes to Toronto’s...

For the 12th year in a row, Toronto’s Sony Centre for the Performing Arts will be home to one of the city’s largest urban dance showcases this Sunday. The STOMP Urban Dance Competition and Showcase, in partnership with the Sony Centre, will host over 400 youth participants, ages 6 to 24, for a day of... More

Darren Frost3

Dealing with a heckler: comedians discuss dea...

“This is no choose your own adventure story, buddy,” Darren Frost said to an unruly heckler in 2008. “You can’t just turn to page 85 and … [see what happens].” The origins of heckling date back to Dundee, Scotland in the early nineteenth century. Heckling, back then, meant combing out flax textiles, and the term... More


Kensington businesses fear franchise competit...

For many, the cold weather means no longer walking to one’s destination and switching to other modes of transport, but a persistent few continue to detour through Kensington on foot to stop at Jungle Fruit. Jane Ou, owner of the small fruit market on Kensington Ave., is afraid the potential installation of a Loblaws just... More