Charitable European trend comes to Ontario

Supplying a hot cup of coffee on a cold day to someone in need has become easier as the European movement ‘caffe sospeso’ comes to Ontario. ‘Caffe sospeso’, or ‘suspended coffee’, is a new concept being introduced in coffee shops around the world. Customers can go in, buy a coffee, and ‘suspend it’ for someone... More


Korea Town hosts heritage walk

The city of Toronto, it’s often said, finds its identity in diversity. Diversity Our Strength: it’s our official motto. It is an idea that seems impossible to overstate. But, walking through a vibrant neighbourhood like Korea Town – nestled in Toronto’s historic Annex – it may be difficult to imagine a time before this strength... More


Chewing the fat: addressing our growing waist...

In October 2012, doctors in Ontario called for a new plan to address the province’s obesity problem. The plan isn’t just a barrage of TV ads to persuade you into thinking about your health, but instead, brings up a familiar yet unseen policy here in Ontario. The doctors suggested placing a tax on junk food,... More

SWEPT ISSUE 2 front cover

About – Mandate Beginning in 2012 as just an idea and a domain name, has bloomed into what smells like a half-legit publication. We started with the motto “Sweeping up the news the mainstream leaves behind”, but have since moved to a much more open-minded attitude toward our coverage and content. Though our Mantra... More



We know. The site’s a mess.  But we’ll be functioning again within the next few days. Look forward to our new layout!... More


From the archives: A profile on Toronto artis... interviewed Justin Blayney roughly a year ago and as a tribute to his upcoming showing at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit at Nathan Philips Square, we have brought back a story from the archives. Check out more of his recent work on his website and get more details about his upcoming showing. The following... More