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Will corporate giant Walmart be Kensington Ma...

There was shouting, jeering, audible spitting, and a standing room only crowd. It wasn’t long before people were turned away at the door, as the College Street United Church had quickly reached capacity. What draws a crowd like this to a humdrum community development consultation? According to Councillor Adam Vaughan: nothing less than the potential... More


Toronto youth perform at STOMP showcase

Playing host to over 400 dancers and choreographers in the city, the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts was the scene of creative culture and community coming together for this year’s 2013 Stomp Urban Dance Competition and Showcase. The showcase, in conjunction with the Sony Centre and the City of Toronto, ran its first show... More


Youth STOMP showcase comes to Toronto’s...

For the 12th year in a row, Toronto’s Sony Centre for the Performing Arts will be home to one of the city’s largest urban dance showcases this Sunday. The STOMP Urban Dance Competition and Showcase, in partnership with the Sony Centre, will host over 400 youth participants, ages 6 to 24, for a day of... More

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Dealing with a heckler: comedians discuss dea...

“This is no choose your own adventure story, buddy,” Darren Frost said to an unruly heckler in 2008. “You can’t just turn to page 85 and … [see what happens].” The origins of heckling date back to Dundee, Scotland in the early nineteenth century. Heckling, back then, meant combing out flax textiles, and the term... More


Kensington businesses fear franchise competit...

For many, the cold weather means no longer walking to one’s destination and switching to other modes of transport, but a persistent few continue to detour through Kensington on foot to stop at Jungle Fruit. Jane Ou, owner of the small fruit market on Kensington Ave., is afraid the potential installation of a Loblaws just... More


Artist Ben Zwicker a blooming addition to Tor...

Benjamin Zwicker is becoming a natural at showing off his work at local art shows.  Most recently, Zwicker, a painter, displayed three paintings at Moniker Gallery – his fourth showing at the gallery in downtown Toronto, and his sixth art show in the past year.  He describes his art as “pop surrealism”, but he also... More


Charitable European trend comes to Ontario

Supplying a hot cup of coffee on a cold day to someone in need has become easier as the European movement ‘caffe sospeso’ comes to Ontario. ‘Caffe sospeso’, or ‘suspended coffee’, is a new concept being introduced in coffee shops around the world. Customers can go in, buy a coffee, and ‘suspend it’ for someone... More


Korea Town hosts heritage walk

The city of Toronto, it’s often said, finds its identity in diversity. Diversity Our Strength: it’s our official motto. It is an idea that seems impossible to overstate. But, walking through a vibrant neighbourhood like Korea Town – nestled in Toronto’s historic Annex – it may be difficult to imagine a time before this strength... More


Chewing the fat: addressing our growing waist...

In October 2012, doctors in Ontario called for a new plan to address the province’s obesity problem. The plan isn’t just a barrage of TV ads to persuade you into thinking about your health, but instead, brings up a familiar yet unseen policy here in Ontario. The doctors suggested placing a tax on junk food,... More

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About – Mandate Beginning in 2012 as just an idea and a domain name, has bloomed into what smells like a half-legit publication. We started with the motto “Sweeping up the news the mainstream leaves behind”, but have since moved to a much more open-minded attitude toward our coverage and content. Though our Mantra... More



We know. The site’s a mess.  But we’ll be functioning again within the next few days. Look forward to our new layout!... More


From the archives: A profile on Toronto artis... interviewed Justin Blayney roughly a year ago and as a tribute to his upcoming showing at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit at Nathan Philips Square, we have brought back a story from the archives. Check out more of his recent work on his website and get more details about his upcoming showing. The following... More