Fashionably Late – An Evening With Blackdog...

    Mod Night at Cherry’s is always entertaining, sometimes if only for the enthusiasm that the participants deliver. After conditioning our ears to the sounds of the sixties with support sets from Jack The Lads, and The Jammed, an aurally if not visually Jam clone, we’re primed to turn our attention to the Main... More


The Election’s Over – 2015

Elections in Canada are over: a new government is in power with a young, charismatic prime minister at its head. After almost ten years under one of the most hated, and by some accounts, worst prime minister in our history-this change of the guard is a welcome one for many people…. at least for the time being.  ... More

Molly Bloom

A Blooming success…

  I had no idea what to expect from the staged reading of ‘Molly Bloom,’ a play inspired by the final chapter of Ulysses by James Joyce. I have never read Ulysses – in fact, I’ve been told not to bother trying. The production was born through the partnership between Ravenous Theatre and Fourth Gorgon... More