Letters from J.P.


Letters from J.P. – Dear media

Dear media (cough, THE STAR, cough), Sorry, I just had to clear my throat there after finding my way through all this smoke and mirrors bullshit. Let’s get right to the point here. Why…in God’s name…did you turn Rob Ford into the Justin Bieber of Toronto? Why? Please enlighten me as to what purpose this... More


Letters from J.P. – KD

Even though many of my friends do not condone the consumption of this deliciously forbidden out of the box delicacy, I have been a die hard consumer of your macaroni and cheese for many years. I’ve been eating Kraft Dinner for 35 years and I’m only 23. I’ve cooked it for my family (there’s only... More


Letters from J.P. – SOUP

Dear Campbell’s, My name is Joshua, a 23-year-old from Brampton, Ontario. I appreciate your company and the many excellent products you have to offer. This is my story. After a long day, I came home exhausted. Too tired to cook anything extensive I decided to open my cupboard and examine its capabilities. “Campbell’s Chicken with... More