Temp agencies give employers unfair advantage

Employment agencies are a scam. If you’ve ever been out of work and looking for a labour job, you will know exactly what I mean. Newspapers are riddled with ads claiming dozens of labour jobs are available and companies are desperate for workers. The only problem is the majority of these ads are placed by... More

Interracial Couple

Mixed-race couples in movies or the lack ther...

This is just a pet peeve of mine, but it’s one I think should be more discussed than it is. My concern is that recently Hollywood seems to be much more squeamish about the subject of mixed-race couples in movies. Don’t misunderstand. I know Hollywood produces/has produced many movies dealing with the issue of mixed-race... More

Hong Kong

After China – Who is next?

It’s no secret a great deal of the economic growth that’s occurred in the United States (and really all of the West – Canada included) over the last 25 years has happened because of investment in China. Made in China: for as long as I can remember China was where everything was manufactured, but changes... More


Welcome to Brampton: home of Ontario’s ...

Are bad drivers simply cynical, completely ignorant, or just plain lazy? Either way, Brampton is home to Ontario’s worst. Do you like action movies? Then you will love the streets of my hometown, Brampton, Ontario, where Steeles Avenue is a non-stop set for 24-7 thrills. Where the left lane is the slow lane and the... More


Canada’s Arctic question

During the Harper era, Canada’s Arctic question has been brought to the forefront of national debate. We’d always assumed the Arctic would be there. True North strong and free. But many of us just saw the Arctic sovereignty issue as a wedge the Conservatives were using to leverage more military spending. A prime example of... More


The baby boomers are going to retire…ri...

As a college student, I thought I had it all figured out. I’m going to graduate, screw around for a few years and watch as all the baby boomers cash in on the glorious pension system. Then the job market will open up to a new generation of thinkers and doers. However, over the last... More