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Goodnight, Sunrise. Give them a listen. Youâ€...

In the spirit of the previous column about introductions, let me introduce you to a great new rock band with a classic feel. Goodnight, Sunrise has a warm, dirty rock sound that sits over a tight groove. With shared lead vocals, a keytar and plenty of heart they evoke the ’70s for sure, but they are... More

Dancing Masthead

Dancing About Poetry #1: To begin with, letâ€...

Hey, that #1 up there looks pretty good. The start of something good, perhaps? So fresh and new…but a little bit daunting too. Now, I don’t mean to begin by hurling aspersions at the inherent wisdom of iconic 80’s pop/rock wisdom but the hardest part for me has never been the waiting. Waiting is building.... More


Sandra Bouza & Redbrick

If ever you find yourself searching for music to somehow soothe your mind yet still shake your booty, look no further than Redbrick. This stripped-down, deep soul outfit will take you there. Take a few minutes and listen to them doing their thing at The Central in Toronto. You’ll be glad you did.  ... More

Jeff Jones welcomes music columnist Jeff J...

By way of introduction let me say this: I love music. It’s really this simple. Truly, madly and deeply. Love. I often struggle to express this, precisely because of its simplicity. Walls don’t break and skies don’t fall; the world turns and life keeps on keepin’ on. Yet, through the chaos of any given day... More

3v 4

Three guys, ten+ instruments, one dream

Not all people have this thing called passion. It’s a powerful force that lies within. It forces you to face your fears, pushes you to success, and brings you an indescribable and overwhelming sense of joy. Left with nothing but the drive to succeed, 3Versatile, a Toronto-based band, have committed their lives to the hopeful... More