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That Choir

“Wow, That Choir is great!”…...

That Choir is comprised of 26 singers from all different backgrounds; classical and pop vocalists, theatre artists, teachers, arts educators and administrators, publicists, bankers; we run the gamut. What brings us together is a deep love of choral music and singing. Our performance emphasis is on contemporary choral music, by composers such as Eric Whitacre,... More


Jeff Jones highlights Music City North: Kensi...

So, as many of you know, in addition to being an intrepid music writer and a motivated (to say the least) fan of music, I’m also a musician. I play guitar, I write and I sing. I do all of this in Toronto, where I live. And, at the risk of sinking into the morass... More

Janelle Monae

Artist Review: Janelle Monáe

Pop music, if at all successful at its stated job, should be difficult to dislike. This is, to be sure, not to say that all pop music is good or even listenable, just because it’s popular. Now that pop has switched from an assessment of performance to a genre title the game is a bit... More


Band review: Beyond the Mountain

Beyond the Mountain   There’s just a whole lot to like about Beyond the Mountain. This rootsy trio from Toronto has soulful vocals, heartfelt songs, a great, honest feel and…cello. A freakin’ cello! I loves me a cello, I am a little biased. I also had a friend who used to call a well placed... More

Dancing Masthead

Dancing About Poetry: What could have been

Popular music is littered with stories of what could have been. The medium itself has arguably leveraged hope and dreams for profit so it seems fitting that it would be inordinately effected by the loss of this same hope. On February 3rd in 1959, a small plane went down in a storm near Clear Lake,... More

Shine down

Jeff Jones brings us a taste of Shinedown

In my first column for Swept, I lamented the end of the radio as a meeting place for music lovers and what that would mean for the discovery of new music. I suppose one of my goals here at Swept is to spread the word about music I come across that might be your thing.... More

Dancing Masthead

Dancing About Poetry: Music heals

“One good thing about music; when it hits, you feel no pain.” - Bob Marley Music seems to have the power to heal. Maybe not always, certainly not completely, and obviously more mentally than physically. At least, I know it does for me. Actually, I know it does for you, too. In 2001, a study... More