Space Motel Arrival CD

Space Motel – Arrival

Holy funk! Space Motel has hit on something amazing here in their new album ‘Arrival‘! If Chris Cornell had less grit in his voice, more... More


Poem Every Day #29 – Spring

          Spring (PED #29) On a chilly morning I awake from my slumber, rising before the sleepy sun. Frost turns to... More


Poem Every Day #21 – Hunger

            Hunger (PED #21) There is a rumbling in my stomach. All it wants is to devour every little piece... More


Here & There – Toronto Street...

This past week, I decided to take a stroll along Dundas, and photograph the many strange, and spectacular pieces of street art that are about.... More

Kafka's Ape1

Kafka’s Ape Visits the Gladstone H...

This past week, Molly McCrea, one of our newest contributors, covered her first event for Swept: Kafka’s Ape. On Wednesday August 13th I had the... More