About Us

Beginning in 2012 as just an idea and a domain name, Sweptmedia.ca has bloomed into what smells like a half-legit publication. We started with the motto “Sweeping up the news the mainstream leaves behind”, but have since moved to a much more open-minded attitude toward our coverage and content.
Though our mantra has changed, our mission has always been to provide an independent voice, to encourage more debate and discussion on issues affecting our communities, and to generate interest in local culture.

In addition to providing insightful, inquisitive coverage and thoughtful, poignant literature, we also provide a space for other creative individuals to get published. Though we do focus on the GTA, we are not by any means confining ourselves to local submissions or coverage, and are willing to accept both national and international contributions.
By the way, did we mention Swept magazine is free?
So whether it’s coverage of an event, an editorial comic, a photo gallery, or a short story you want to get out there, Sweptmedia.ca will consider everything you submit.

We accept
Journalistic Content
Articles (News, Opinion, Features-even from small businesses e.g mdpestcontrol.ca)
Video coverage of events
Video interviews
Mini documentaries
Local Lit
Short Stories
Flash Fiction
Creative Photography
Visual Arts
And Other Contributions

As always, be swift and do it live.
Swept: Your News. Your Culture. An Independent Voice.