Trekky Trivia, Melody Bar Styles

The year is 2079 and the good lady Enterprise landed herself with a wave of trekky hysteria into the historic Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar this past November 4th (May the 4th be with you!). Shit is that a Star Trek thing? Star Wars? Ok jigs up, I ain’t no trekky yo. I mean I have fond memories of sun dappled Sunday afternoons curled up on the couch in our family living room, god that was a comfy couch, watching Star Trek with my brother. I think it would have been something that I watched because he watched it and I wanted to do everything he did (big brother worship… it’s a thing). I seem to remember having a crush on Data, possibly William Riker with that… beard of his (the beard lust started early for this one). So I guess what I am getting at, is that I went into this evening with no knowledge of Star Trek except a vague recollection of being on a comfortable couch. This seems to be a running theme of my coverage of these Gladstone events. I generally have no idea what is going on. Except for the Sex and the City trivia night, I SLAYED THAT ONE. Obviously.

Ok WAY off topic here. So Gladstone had a Star Trek trivia night and it was a really good time.  Whether you know the subject matter or not, the hosts can make or break the evening and this time we had a fabulous threesome of Gladstoners leading us through the intricacies of Star Trek Trivia. Kaleb, the seasoned veteran of trivia hosting kept the evening flowing with his wit and charm. Alicia was a riot, constantly demanding lightning rounds so that she could give away candy (it was really her only prerogative). Mike rounded out the trio with his vast, galactic knowledge. I learned he put together most of the questions and let me tell you, they were diverse and definitely had the audience thinking. No easy answers from this cat.

The room had a really fun vibe, packing the front end with the usual motley crowd attracted to the Gladstone. I can attest that this was a great crew of humans as I was, as per usual, serving. I found everyone was polite, friendly and drinking enough too keep my pocket book happy (that’s right, it’s 1865 and I carry a pocket book ok?).  Everyone was participating and it felt like we were in the middle of someone’s living room (on a super comfy couch, I really wonder what ever happened to that couch…) experiencing the familiar comfort of Star Trek that we all grew up with in the backgrounds (or forefronts in this crowds case) of our childhoods.  The prizes were classic Gladstone and ranged from pregnancy tests (every time you guys, every time), hideous nail polish (thanks to the guys that offered it to me by the way) to dollar store bacon…. Dollar store bacon, Alicia ate it once by accident in America and she’s been hooked ever since. Just joking, I made that up. Fluffing up the story you know?

After the success of this Trekky Trivia I can hardly wait for the next one on December 2nd, which will be Fresh Prince of Bel Air Trivia. AWESOME. I can almost guarantee if you need a free pregnancy test, this will be the place to be. In West Philadelphia, born and raised…

And now you’re singing.  Mission accomplished.

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